My Name is Prashant. Recently I finished up my Master's in Computer Science from SUNY Binghamtom. I was fortunate enough to do mutiple researches in the field of Object Oriented Programming and Functional Programming.

I like playing around with JavaScript and in particular Node & React. I am a huge fan of C++ (my GitHub handle may depict that). I also hold Bachelors degree in Computer Science from INDIA.

It all started with PHP (as million others like me have done so), but gradually have moved to Java, Javascript, Ruby etc. I am very much fascinated with the current web stack and slowly trying to build awesome stuff. Currently I am working with Node.JS at back end and React.JS at FrontEnd. Also, I am putting up my hands on various different DB's like Couchbase, Mongo, Cassandra, Redis etc as well as Distributed technologies such as Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ and so on.

You can find me by following the following links -