Below are some of the projects I have done -

Arbitrary Dimensional Array Library (C++)

Created an array class template in C++ that can be instantiated with any number of dimensions. With this library, it is easy to store any Arbitrary Dimensional array in the memory and use it. All the required API's such as Operator, Error handling were part of the library. link - Github

Containers in C++ (Map, Deque) & Std:: Function

Wrote ready to use libraries for standard containers like Map, Deque. These containers have all the iterators defined and uses efficient data structures to achieve fast and correct memory usage.
Also developed a library similar to std::function which can wrap functors, functions and lambdas with any number of arguments without any memory leaks. Github

Real time Document collaboration

This application is built using Meteor Framework and is similar to CollabEdit and Google Docs. Idea is to create a portal where anyone can create any kind of document, generate a unique URl for that document and be able to collaborate with other people around the globe, have the ability to edit it at real time and show the latest and correct version of document to every one having the access.

School/College ERP

Developed a very comprehensive solution for the Schools/Colleges/Universities. It incorporates different grading systems, HR, Finance, Library, Messaging System, Biometrics, RFID etc. Later on developed Rest API’s for integration to third party applications. Technologies used - Java, JavaScript.

Windows 8 Application

An app that uses Deflate algorithm to compress the provided data. It is capable of compressing huge chunk of data (all usual formats) in very less time efficiently.

Soon I'll add more..!!